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Dear Friends & Community,

The Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce recently launched our COVID-19 recovery campaign, Roscoe Village is Ready. As Roscoe Village businesses reopen, we want you to know that they are prioritizing sanitation, cleanliness and social distancing guidelines to ensure the wellness of patrons and staff. Some of them are even self-certifying as part of the "Be Safe. Chicago" campaign. Let's just say, Roscoe Village is ready! From limiting the number of people in their stores to frequently sanitizing high touch surface areas, businesses are taking all the necessary steps to limit the spread of COVID-19 and create a safe and enjoyable experience for you, the customer. As members of the Roscoe Village community, it's our duty to support these local businesses and follow their guidelines to create a clean, united and thriving neighborhood. 

We continue to work daily to gather information pertinent to our community about supporting our local businesses in this time of need, while still remaining safe and following protocols put in place to contain COVID-19. Please stay tuned to this page for updated information about supporting restaurants, bars, local retailers and service businesses during this time. 

Here are some FAQs that we are encountering:

Which restaurants and retailers in Roscoe Village are open again? You'll find this information below.

How do I support the restaurants, retailers, and health & wellness businesses? Order food, purchase a gift card, shop online, or stop by! See below for ways to engage and support our small businesses. While GoFundMe campaigns have been set up, we still encourage consumers to directly support businesses. Please see our 10 Ways to Support Our Business Community blog post.

Which businesses are open? Who has closed? See our lists below. We encourage you to check with the business directly via their website or social media, and when in doubt, give 'em a call! In the meantime, follow our Instagram story @roscoevillagechamber for real time updates.

What is the City of Chicago currently advising in terms of social distancing? Visiting cityofchicago.org/coronavirus is still the best place for the Chicago Department of Public Health’s latest updates.​

How can I support other community members in this time of need? We encourage you to donate to local businesses.

Support Local Businesses

Donate to Local Businesses


Support Local Black-Owned Businesses 

During these culturally challenging times, we are promoting black-owned businesses in and around Roscoe Village.

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