10 Ways to Support Our Business Community

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

In an effort to practice social intention in a time of social distancing, we want to share with you ten ways to support your local economy and small business community during this unprecedented time:

Keep Your Membership or Subscription Active: It's tempting to freeze or cancel, but monthly memberships are the lifeblood of so many businesses. If they've been good to you and you can afford it, return the favor and support them during this stressful time. Freezes and cancellations directly affect whether a business can pay rent, utilities, payroll, etc. and ultimately stay in business.

Ask About Online or Virtual Options: For example, several fitness studios are offering free online or livestream classes if you keep your main membership active. Outside of fitness, see if other service-providers - like meeting with your therapist, accountant, attorney, etc. can be done via phone or webinar so they can keep earning a living.

Order Online or Opt For Curbside Pick-Up: Many of our local businesses have fantastic websites and sell their products online. They work hard on maintaining these sites year round, and if you’re choosing to or are asked to stay home, now is a great time to discover what’s available from the comfort of your couch.

Share the Love on Social: What do you love about Roscoe Village? What businesses do you frequent and why do you keep returning? Now is the time to show these businesses some love in your social media feeds. Or, if you’re visiting a business this week, share it! Tag the business, tag us, and tag a friend who should check it out in the future.

Online Delivery or Curbside Pick-Up: Many of our local restaurants and cafes are able to deliver food straight to your home, or will allow you to order food for pick-up with the ease of an app or a quick phone call. Visit our Takeout Blitz page to see a full list of businesses offering delivery and/or takeout.

Give a Positive Review: A lot of businesses will be rebuilding their client base after this. Go to Yelp, Facebook, Google, etc. and share your positive experience or love to help them attract new clients...and because giving public kudos is a simple and FREE way to say thank you! Commit to writing one positive review a day this week!

Think Twice About That Negative Review: Take the time to reach out to the business owner (keep in mind they may be swamped and need extra time to respond) and let them know what could have been done better or differently. Most businesses are doing the absolute best they can, and this situation is a moving target. A negative review in a time of crisis or rebuilding is doubly devastating. Think twice. Be nice.

Buy Gift Cards to Use in the Future: See if you can buy a gift card from your favorite business over the phone or online. If they're only available in person, you can call ahead and let them know when you'll be swinging by so you can make it a true drive-by and limit your in-person time.

BYO... All the Important Stuff: Consider carrying your own hand sanitizer, wipes, and tissues. This lightens the load on business owners who are struggling to keep up.

Remember to Tip & Make it a Good One: Enjoying your deliveries as you hunker down in quarantine? Then show some extra gratitude to those who are doing all the legwork for you. If you grab a quick coffee or meal, double your tip. This sounds like a small thing, but every little bit helps.

Please know that Roscoe Village is ready for you. As the news changes each day, our businesses are making the difficult choices on how to adapt and continue operating in new capacities. We cannot stress enough; Roscoe Village is still open and active in many online and digital ways, and following our ten tips directly supports them during this difficult time.

Thank you for your love and continued support of our business community!


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